RSA CLI supports i18n (#5), so you can choose your most familiar language. The default language is en-US.

Change language

rsa config set lang [language-code]

Check the following table to get [language-code].

Supported languages

Language Code Description
English en Referred to en-US
English (United States) en-US Default
Chinese - 中文 zh Referred to zh-CN
Chinese (Simplified) - 中文(简体) zh-CN


Translations are in /src/i18n/ directory, to improve or translate RSA CLI to your language, just create [language-code].js to get started. Plus, you can refer to /src/i18n/en-US.js to get the full string list.

%x will be replaced with the data generated when executing, don't translate or remove it.

If your translate is not completed, the missing strings will be replaced with the default string.

Welcome to translate ✌️!